Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How much does it cost to get a tattoo?

A:  Prices can very significantly, depending on a number of factors associated with your tattoo.  Our artists rates very as well, please contact us to find out the hourly rates of all of our artists.

Q:  Do you have a shop minimum?

A:  Our shop minimum is $100.00

Q: How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

A:  The legal age to be tattooed in the state of Massachusetts is 18.  You must have a valid government issued ID, such as a drivers license or passport.  We are not able to accept any temporary, paper, or photos of ID.

Q.  Do you accept walk-ins?

A.  If we have time, we will absolutely take walk-ins.  If we aren't able to fit the tattoo in that day, or we feel that the design is too complex to draw up on the spot, we will consult with you and schedule a time that works for everyone.

Q.  How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

A.   Be well rested, hydrated, and eat a good meal.  Be dressed in a manner that allows the artist to access the area that is being tattooed, and makes you comfortable.  Be showered, you will be working in close quarters with the artist. Also be aware of upcoming life events, and how the healing of your tattoo might be affected by them.

Q.  What should/can I bring with me?

A.  Make sure to bring your ID, as we will not be able to tattoo you without it.  Whatever makes you comfortable! Within reason...  If you need a distraction, such as music, movies, you can bring your small devices, just bring some headphones, we don't want to distract other clients, or artists working.  Reading material, or your favorite stuffed animal! A small snack, or drink... although you won't be able to eat in our tattoo booths, you will be more than welcome to take a break.

Q.  Can I bring a friend?

A.  You can absolutely bring a friend!  However our studio is small, and intimate, so we don't have much seating in the tattoo area.  We are able to accommodate one guest over the age of 18, but anyone else will have to wait in the lobby.

Q.  Do I need to leave a deposit?

A.  Consultations are free, but we do require a deposit to book the tattoo appointment.  Deposits are non-refundable, and start at $100, for larger scale tattoos, or multi-session tattoos, we may ask for a larger deposit. Please keep in mind that larger deposits, are also non-refundable.

Q.  What if I need to reschedule will I lose my deposit?

A.  We require 48 hours notice to reschedule,  this will allow you to keep your deposit on file with us, however deposits are non-refundable.  

Q.  How do I take care of my tattoo?

A.  We will provide you with aftercare instructions when you make your appointment, and again when you come in for your tattoo.  We provide this twice, so we can answer any questions you may have.  Also feel free to call us anytime, and we can go over them again with you.  We also have Vitalitree Tattoo Aftercare in stock, and we love it!

Q.  Are you guys playa's?

A.  Nah we just crush alot.